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Sauna Services

Achieve optimal health with Ascent Wellness’ Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna.

Saunas help improve overall health, wellness, and performance; these benefits increase when we add in the healing properties of red light and color therapy. Our full-spectrum infrared sauna treatments penetrate joints, muscles, and tissues to increase oxygen flow and circulation, remove impurities from your cells and skin, boost your metabolism and promote healing.

Our full-spectrum, spacious, infrared sauna heats the body from within, allowing people to tolerate higher temperatures than with traditional saunas. The radiant heat penetrates the skin to produce a gentle warming inside the body and helps heal a variety of ailments. The medical grade, chromotherapy lights in our sauna provide the wellness benefits of color light therapy, where each color applied to the body produces a different bodily response. For example, red stimulates, while blue relaxes the body. 

Research shows color light therapy reduces inflammation, relieves pain, speeds healing, increases range of motion, decreases muscle tension, improves circulation, regulates mood, improves sleep, relieves SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and slows aging.

We offer two types of color therapy. Full-spectrum color light therapy is complimentary while red light therapy has an additional cost. 

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Red Light Therapy 
(Coming Soon)

Our red light therapy is the only red-light unit that uses variable optics and delivers near infrared therapy. It uses a mix of 15-degree and 40 – 60-degree optics creating multiple cross acceptance angles. This allows cells in the body to absorb light waves more effectively. Our Red Light wavelength is at 660nm which increases the energy inside human cells through a process called Photobiomodulation (PBM). We cannot live without this. PBM increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production providing the energy to drive many processes in living cells. The overall benefits from red light therapy are pain reduction, tissue regeneration, wound healing, muscle recovery, muscle conditioning, testosterone boost, reduced inflammation, healthier skin, and anti-aging. Our red light therapy includes near infrared therapy. Near infrared at 850nm is absorbed deep below the surface of the skin by the light receptors in our cell’s mitochondria, promoting cellular regeneration and anti-aging effects. 

Our color light therapies are very safe and are medical grade. Our sauna provides radiant heat that warms you not the surrounding air. Our sauna also offers an ultra-safe, low EMFR (Electromagnetic Field Radiation) rating and emits zero VOC. The manufacturer builds the saunas with EMF protection so that your body receives healing benefits without harmful radiation. 

Experience the invigorating and healing properties of full-spectrum color light therapy in a 45-minute sauna session. Our saunas are safe for all ages and are handicap accessible.

Pricing for Sauna Service

45 minutes for $40

45 minutes for $60 (two people)


Red Light Therapy (Coming Soon)

Salt Therapy / Sauna Packages

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