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Ascent Wellness offers natural and effective services to help elevate your overall well-being.

Our Massage, Salt Therapy and Sauna services promote balance and restore comfort to your mind and body. Whether your goal is pain relief, emotional well-being, or self-care, we draw upon clinical excellence and compassionate care to create a customized treatment plan just for you! 

Man getting massage at Ascent Wellness in Oconomowoc, WI


Medical & Therapeutic Bodywork

Heal your hurts with massage therapy. Every massage therapist at Ascent Wellness brings their own unique talents to the table to offer physical and emotional relief. Our therapists have a passion for massage and go above and beyond the traditional routine by specializing in therapeutic and outcome-based treatments. Therapists accomplish this by drawing from a range of modalities and tailor each session to your wellness goals. To learn more about the therapists at Ascent Wellness, their certifications, and techniques, please visit our Staff Page

Salt Therapy

Himalayan Salt Cave & Wellness Classes

Refresh, renew and rebound naturally with salt therapy. Breathing in negatively charged, ionized salt particles during a halotherapy treatment helps to promote better breathing, healthier skin, improved sleep, and reduced inflammation. This alternative treatment aids many health conditions including anxiety, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, fatigue, stress, and inflammation. Wellness classes including yoga, stretching and meditation will be coming soon to the salt cave. Like our Facebook page to stay informed when wellness classes will be offered in the salt cave. 


Full Spectrum with Color Light Therapy

Experience the healing benefits of a medical-grade, full spectrum infrared sauna with red light and color light therapy. The full spectrum infrared heat penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles, and tissues to increase oxygen flow and circulation, boost your metabolism, relaxes the body, and removes impurities from your cells to promote healing. These are the safest and most effective infrared heaters offered today with over 20 years of scientific research. Our sauna has built in EMF protection to make sure you are receiving the most benefits from each session. 

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Elevate your mind and body, naturally.

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